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Play Online Games Free >> Zombie Games

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Most Played
game play count: 101113 More Days In Hell Game
13 More Days In Hell Game
Will you survive another journey through zombie-infested hell? The living dead are out for blood again and it's up to you to stop them.
game play count: 387All Hallow's Eve Game
All Hallow's Eve Game
If you like zombie killing, stop what you're doing right now and play this. I don't care if you're an air traffic controller or about to go into surgery. This is the most awesome z ...
game play count: 233Armed Prophet Game
Armed Prophet Game
Fight mechanical beings from the future, the undead on a graveyard and aliens in area 51. Brawl your way through all 3 stages and try to save the world?
game play count: 236Army of Darkness Game
Army of Darkness Game
Army of monsters and zombies filled the earth! There is only one way out: BREAK THEM INTO PIECES from the Air! Do not let the Darkness to get on! Destroy all monsters to save human ...
game play count: 425Army of The Dead Game
Army of The Dead Game
Shoot the incoming monsters as you reload and gain new weapons. Shoot them in the their kill spots.
game play count: 441Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombie Cricket Game
Ashes 2 Ashes: Zombie Cricket Game
What would happen if brain-hungry zombies replaced the entire Aussie Ashes team? Time to put those batting skills to good use!
game play count: 175Attack of The Fever Heads Game
Attack of The Fever Heads Game
Hit as many of the annoying zombies as possible.
game play count: 378Attack of the Funky Zombie Game
Attack of the Funky Zombie Game
Creepy action adventure puzzling platform game . You must destroy all the zombies, ghosts and witches and help all the walking dead return where they came from. You must work out p ...
game play count: 497Attack of the Zombies Game
Attack of the Zombies Game
Another game where you are attacked by zombies and you have to get rid of them and survive as long as possible.
game play count: 560Autumn War: Survivor Game
Autumn War: Survivor Game
A stranded solder in a hopeless last stand against the undead.
game play count: 212Big Pixel Zombies Game
Big Pixel Zombies Game
The outbreak of the virus has arrived in London! It depends on you and your faithful dog . Accumulating money and buy new weapons Have Fun!
game play count: 456Billy Genocide Game
Billy Genocide Game
The goal of this cool action-horror game is to survive as long as you can.
game play count: 253Blood Run Game
Blood Run Game
You got infected with a virus, now you're a zombie... time to eat some brains.
game play count: 484Body Ladder Game
Body Ladder Game
Those zombies are at it again! But you're wearing a top hat, so you're clearly far superior. Build a temple of the dead.
game play count: 661Boxhead: 2Play Rooms Game
Boxhead: 2Play Rooms Game
The most advanced of the series! Now you can define all sorts of settings to ensure even more game blasting fun. In no time the screen is filled with boxhead zombies and that means ...
game play count: 212Boxhead: Halloween Special Game
Boxhead: Halloween Special Game
This is a special occasion Boxhead game: the Halloween Special! The game play is different from the other Boxhead games but the shooting is still the same good old fun. Now you act ...
game play count: 331Boxhead: More Rooms Game
Boxhead: More Rooms Game
This is the second Boxhead game. It's a super action packed gore game! As in the first Boxhead you have to kill the zombies and also the powerfull Boxhead Devils who have fireballs ...
game play count: 383Boxhead: The Rooms Game
Boxhead: The Rooms Game
This is the first Boxhead game. The goal is to kill the Zombies for as long you can. More and more Zombies will come at your Boxhead as the levels increase. Use your gun to kill th ...
game play count: 275Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Game
Boxhead: The Zombie Wars Game
The Zombie wars have begun! The Boxhead carnage has reached a new ultimate pinnacle! In this game the action will burst of your screen in an explosive continuum! Believe me, for th ...
game play count: 479Brainz Game
Brainz Game
Kill zombies, buy bigger guns, kill more zombies! Circle of Life, my friends.
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Zombie Games

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Zombie Games

Play Online Zombie Games Free at Online Games Town
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